Sunday, July 1, 2018

A Bottle for Sustainable Farming with Cocio

Don’t we love something that taste like home? Aren’t we all fond of food or beverage that remind us of good old memories?

Here is another product that doesn’t just look like a throwback from our younger years but it definitely taste like it too! Our friends from Fly Ace Corporation has brought Cocio, a great tasting chocolate milk drink since 1951.

Cocio prides itself to have maintained its recipe ever since and has supported sustainable farming and better opportunities for farmers and their families and of course with our planet in mind. They are UTZ certified and come in three (3) simple ingredients—Fresh Milk, UTZ certified cocoa and sugar.

So try a bottle of happiness and purchase your favorite Cocio in any of your grocery shops today.

Thanks again, Fly Ace Corporation for partnering with Team DDI and DavaoFoodTographer!

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