Wednesday, April 18, 2018

AirAsia Places Davao in Inflight Meal with Malagos Chocolate

As you may have seen in my social media accounts, Philippines AirAsia has introduced an addition to the Santan Combo in-flight meal—the Roasted Dalandan Chicken with Pimiento Sauce. It features Davao’s pride and an award-winning produce of Philippines, the Malagos Chocolate. The santan combo is created by Chef JP Anglo who aims to incorporate local Filipino flavour into your flight experience.


During the launch, members of the press were invited to sample the dish after the cooking demonstration of no other than the genius behind the dish, Chef JP himself.

My take? Tastefully Filipino!

Filipinos love sweet and smoky flavors! Infusing Malagos Chocolate to the pimiento sauce enhanced the citrus flavour from dalandan and balances the pimiento. Of course, would a Filipino celebration be complete without barbeque? It may not be one of the famous Filipino signature dish like adobo or lechon, it definitely represents the Filipino palate—its love for colourful flavors especially for sweet savory meals.


Would the summer meal be complete without several colourful additions? The Roasted Dalandan Chicken with Pimiento Sauce is introduced in the AirAsia summer inflight catalogue together with some local social enterprise which  highlights the genius of Filipinos.

Tsaa Laya
IG & FB: @tsaalaya
“Rediscovers the herbal traditions of Philippines into an exquisite tea experience” by highlighting tea leaves that are only endemic to the country and offering it to match mainstream tea flavors. Imagine banaba or lemon ginger or tanglad or pandan in your afternoon tea experience?

Anthill Fabric Gallery
IG:  @anthillfabric
“A social and cultural enterprise in the Philippines working to preserve local weaves through contemporary and zero waste design to sustain livelihood”. It produces wonderful fashion items and accessories from weaving scraps while helping local weaving community preserve its history and culture.

Olivia & Diego Jewelry
IG & FB: @oliviaanddiego
“Handmade upcycled jewelry made out of happiness in Davao, Philippines”

The new AirAsia Santan Combo meal is available to all Philippines AirAsia flight Z2. You can also discover Tsaa Laya, Anthill Fabric and Olivia & Diego in Philippines AirAsia summer inflight magazine.

Thanks AirAsia team for the love of Davao City and for featuring our wonderful city! 

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