Monday, August 7, 2017

The Best Okonomiyaki in Town: Taichou Izakaya

If you admire the Japanese way of achieving perfection and for endless perseverance and industry, Taichou Izakaya will reflect the same principle in their humble store in a secret corner in Davao City.

Its a secret no more as people are starting to discover the gems of Japanese cuisine that you will get to enjoy in this "corner store". 

Allow me to divert from my usual review and give you a straightforward message about this store--TRY IT AND YOU WONT REGRET. Its one of those sincere yet remaining to be humble resto that will surely surprise you with food.

I always find myself in stores that are sometimes too self-indulgent to the store owner. And by self-indulgent, I mean that store owners forgot to show the joy of eating. To me, eating is partaking culture, to get oneself immersed in a story of the way of living of the chef or cook preparing the food. When its too self-indulgent, it becomes merely a food that is convenient, repetitive, that sort of experience you get when you buy from a fastfood chain. Don't get me wrong, I love fast food, but if you wanted to make a name out there, to be known for your Japanese food, you would want to show your version of that story you have with Japanese cuisine.

Scian and his team made an excellent job on this story-telling in a plate. His skills and eagerness to try to perfect the culinary styles and flavors of Japanese cuisine, to complete the experience from the restaurant's ambiance and remaining true and more conservative to the Japanese food preparation brought me to a wonderful experience that I rarely experience in Davao.  

So blah, blah aside, I am highly recommending you to visit this aha Japanese store located at Ponce corner Suazo Streets in downtown Davao. I wont be ashamed putting my reputation on the pine for it.

Taichou Izakaya serves the best Okonomiyaki and several choices of Ramen--with vital ingredients being sourced as far as its home country in Japan, and alcohol that will transport you to the streets of Japanese neighborhood. 

I can talk endlessly, but lets make your experience tell the difference. 

Ponce cor. Suazo Streets, Davao City
0997 076 9623

Operates from Monday to Saturday
11:00 AM to 2:00 PM (Lunch service) | 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM (Dinner service)
Accepts cash only
No wifi (catch up with friends is a must)
Has clean and comfy comfort rooms

FB/ IG: Taichou Izakaya

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