Sunday, July 2, 2017

Dug-ab: A Happy-sounding Tummy

So you might have been to many newly-opened restaurants in the city and I'm sure that you have likewise passed by along the lane of newly-opened restaurants near Palma Gil. If you haven't, well here is sneak peek in one of the interesting resto that proudly resounds a word that only means "good food". 

Dug-ab gives a new meaning to "good food" as their culinary team presents a uniquely-prepared dishes that will surprise your taste buds. With ingredients that are locally-sourced, one can expect fresh, truly-Davao flavors but hearty meals that will make you burp afterwards.


Your friendly neighbor kitchen

If you are fond of taking shortcuts to avoid the downtown traffic in Bajada, you might have seen Dug-ab near Gaisano Mall or San Pedro Hospital along Palma Gil. The place itself reminds me that welcoming neighbor's house with those bright ambient lights, wooden furniture and accents all over the store. Its a humble restaurant that can fit small groups of diners up to 20 to 25 people at the same time. It has its own comfort room and spacious parking area.

Hold on that was vegetable?

I have tasted probably one of the best vegan meal at Dug-ab. The Vegan Salisbury Steak may trick you to expect a meaty dish but hey, its says vegan right? It is however far from what you expect a vegan meal will taste like--its like eating a meat without the meat (did that make sense?). 

If you really really love meat, don't worry just yet. Dug-ab has other choices that will also make your heart flutter. I have to recommend their mashed potato and the soup of the day (it was Shrimp bisque that time). 

No need to wait for pay day for a treat

Yes, its super affordable. You can get a complete meal at a Php200 budget. You can also customize a full-course meal with their "Main Course Creation" where you can customize your rice, its flavor and the side dish to go with your main viand. Each main course meal comes with a self-service bottomless iced tea. How's that for an affordable treat?

Thanks Dug-ab team for the warm welcome and genius creations that really really made a foodie like me happy! 

The Bricklane Square Compound Unit 4 Palma Gil & C De Guzman Sts., Bo. Obrero, Davao City
T: (82) 273 2441
FB/IG: @DugAbDabaw
Open daily from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Accepts cash only

All photos are taken using Fujifilm XT10, 27mm

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