Sunday, June 11, 2017

Unifying the Asian Region with Food: AirAsia's Santan Food Festival

Travelling has been more convenient, faster and affordable in the last few years. Flying is easy for everyone especially for young professionals like me. Going from one country to another is no longer just a luxury to the few.

The advent of the millennial exploring the world has evolved from merely aspiration to lifestyle. Travelling has become a way of living and it doesn’t stop from travelling by air but has also expanded to travelling through plates; because food has the DNA of every culture.

Bringing the flavours of Asian countries to your in-flight meals is the main reason why AirAsia created their Santan In-flight meals. Since food is a “unifying factor across  the [Asian] region”, travellers flying AirAsia can savor signature dishes from different countries (either by pre-selecting the meals prior to flying or purchasing in-flight).

Seven different countries with different signature items are now available to enjoy. AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes explains that these dishes were the favorite from the number of choices they had which undergone a tedious process of research and elimination. The in-flight were presented during the Santan Food Festival at the RedQ to more than 200 media and bloggers from different Asian Region. Aside from the food tasting, endless flatlays and photo ops, cooking demo from AirAsia Group Inflight F&B Chef Calvin Soo, media guests also had a group interview with AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes and his team.

AirAsia Red Q filler with media and bloggers from all over Asia
AirAsia All Stars

AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes during the press conference
AirAsia Group F&B Chef Calvin Soon with Edge Davao's Leebai Ambolodto during the cooking demo

Media and bloggers from Cebu and Davao

Pre-book your meal for your travel and don’t forget to grab a combo meal featuring a local drink which is equally refreshing and very affordable. For more details, check AirAsia Hot Meals here.

Thanks, AirAsia and PR Works! :) Had a very memorable experience.

Philippines' Chicken Adodo 
Korean Kimchi Stir-fried Chicken with Rice
Japan's Miso Chicken with Garlic Rice
Nasi Kuning Manado (Indonesia)
Pak Nasser's Nasi Lemak (Malaysia)
Idli with Sambar + Kesari (India)

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