Sunday, June 18, 2017

Experience Malaysia through the food at Jalan Alor

For food warriors like me, a trip to Malaysia will be incomplete without exploring Jalan Alor. Working right across Roxas Night Market in Davao, visiting Jalan Alor is like walking in my neighbourhood but with a slight difference in charm! Jalan Alor is a bigger and more expanded version of a night market and has variety of different cuisines from the nearby countries of Malaysia.

Jalan Alor has been known as a street food destination but it doesn’t merely sell street food items. Small to large resto also expand their dining area to the street where people from different walks of life eat together. Cars and cabs still pass by and can access a one-way street, while stores carts and make shift shops would sell food items for you to enjoy.

Here are few tips when visiting Jalan Alor:
1. Bring an appetite. There are many food items to choose from. You might regret eating prior to your visit. 
2. Consider walking if you live nearby. During our visit, the area next to Jalan Alor is a series of bars and cubs which might get you stuck in traffic. By the time you arrive, I’m sure you will be hungry to try everything.
3. Wear comfortable clothing. It’s a street food area. Please don’t go in high heels or fancy clothing. It’s going to be warm and well, street! You’d be walking around too! So be prepared to be get comfortable.
4. Try to go around first and choose what you prefer best first. You can come back to try other items but best to try local food like loklok and nasi goreng.
5. Have a good time. Bring your friends and people who enjoy good food. Take pictures and share to everyone to pass the good vibes. The face is relatively safe but still be mindful of your belongings and prioritize safety.

Thanks to Airasia for flying us in a quick trip to Malaysia and to our friends from PR Works. Airsia flies to Kuala Lumpur from Manila and Cebu.

Don’t forget to tag DFT in your photos if you happen to visit in the near future :)

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