Saturday, April 29, 2017

I ate at Asia's World City

I recently had my passport stamped. Left Manila and had a hectic schedule but it was mostly eating and listening to new adventures that we will be expecting this year at work. Luckily, my work allows me to enjoy while chasing targets and budgets! We barely had time to go around Hong Kong but one thing is definite--we tasted the city!

First stop was a quick fast-food lunch/snacks at C!tysuper at Habour City which is basically a huge retail chain that has a wide variety of food choices. I took a "healthy" option with Japanese samplers of salad, potato mash and rice. The food section of C!tysuper has sufficient selection of ready-to-eat meals depending on your preference. You will also notice many alternatives for healthy option.

We also had a quick shopping at the pier to buy Hong Kong's famous egg tart that I was luckily able to bring home to my friends.

The first evening of our Sales and Marketing Conference was a gala dinner together with the Chief Business Managers which is also the awards night for Marco Polo Hotels. Marco Polo Davao's Associate of the Year Rogelio Canales also joined us together with my two directors Ms. Pearl and Ms. Pam.

The gala dinner was impeccable, a service that you can expect in a hotel chain of five star hotels. Its the epitome of eating with your senses as Group Executive Chef Rolf Jaeggi prepared a 5-course meal of the finest ingredients and colorful flavor.


We also had wonderful local experience at Yung Kee Restaurant located at Central with a sumptuous 10-course meal. I swear, I gained so much over one meal! Our group directors were so gracious to personally tour us and guided as with our local experience which made my Hong Kong business trip more memorable.

On our last day of the conference, we took a winter cruise to Lamma Island--a 45-minute boat ride from the harbour. We enjoyed another local favorite Genuine Lamma Hilton Fishing Village Restaurant which is a resto that patronizes sustainable seafood to help the local fisherfolk. Our group which was around 50 people lit and rocked the quite beach-side resto. Everyone had a great time and even continued the party in the boat ride going home.


So next travel destination?

Thanks to our most wonderful and energetic VP for Sales and Marketing and the superman and superwomen directors of S&M for a memorable 2017 conference. Live Bold, Stay Sharp!

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  1. Wow Ma'am Sara, this is making me drool. tsk3 too bad no food around :( kinda hungry na because of this!

  2. Hahahaha... :) thats the goal! but i hope not much of a torture!


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