Monday, December 26, 2016

Vietnam in Davao: Hanoi Vietnamese Cuisine

A few weeks ago, you might have noticed my photo flood during my last-minute trip to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. It was my last fling before my busy bee December and as many love affairs that ended so soon, my adventure in the charming city of HCM left me clinging to their delicious coffee and the addicting baguette.

The moment I received my invite to try Hanoi, a local restaurant featuring Vietnamese dishes, my heart was fluttering with happiness! So before I get carried away by my excitement, let me make you hungry with these mouthwatering photos from our media event with Hanoi.

Banh Mi


Banh Khot

Hu Tieu Tom Thit

Garlic and Butter Crabs

Vietnamese BBQ Platter

Vietnamese Coffee
The Verdict:

PALATE: Almost true to its origin

A good reference to my judgement simply lies in my experience in Vietnam. After taking a short class with Luke Nyungen (blog post to follow), my appreciation to Vietnamese cuisine has deepen from merely a food I compare to other Asian cuisine, to a way of living of the locals. The heart of Vietnamese cuisine are the ingredients that are locally produced, which makes their food very homey and fresh.

In Hanoi, while I view that most ingredients are locally produced as well, we cannot deny that there are slight differences to taste when we compare the different plants and meat that we enjoy locally. I am happy however that the culinary team of Hanoi has carefully prepared the ingredients not to deviate from the true taste of the Vietnamese cuisine. Eating the food during our small gathering brought a Ho Chi Minh feeling in me. (I am in Hanoi but feeling Ho Chi Minh!) 

PLACE: Charming Asian

Vietnam History 101: In 1800's, France colonized Vietnam and had influenced their way of living. Imagine Vietnam to be between China and France. Hanoi (restaurant) leans over the Chinese influence when it comes to their decor and physical set up. A clean, well-lit restaurant with very polite attendants will greet you upon your arrival. While we enjoyed this separate resto in Abreeza, their branch at J. Camus Street which shares a space with their sister restaurant Tsuru, offers a similar vibe--a classy Asian place which sets your expectation for wonderful meal.

PRICE: Just in the budget

The small gathering with fellow media friends and online influencers was also the launch of new items in Hanoi. An interesting addition to their menu caters to the Filipino way of dining--sharing! The Vietnamese BBQ Platter is Hanoi's way of bring the street food Vietnam to your dining table while sharing it with family and friends. A plateful of grilled stuffed squid, pork and chicken (marinated in flavorful herbs, spices and lemongrass) will surely be the answer to your gathering without going over your budget.

If you enjoy eating alone or simply want to be with a date, dining in Hanoi will cost you about Php250 per person. Not bad for a semi-fine dining experience!

Many of us enjoy other Asian dishes--Cantonese, Japanese, Filipino, Korean, Malaysian and Thai but not all has enjoyed a distinct fusion of flavor from Vietnam. Hanoi is best place to start the appreciation of this rather unique cuisine, without leaving the city. 

So visit Hanoi Vietnamese Cuisine at J. Camus Street, or G/F Abreeza Mall and get ready to #TasteVietnamInDavao !

Contact numbers:
J Camus branch - (82) 2210901 or 09189511157
Abreeza branch - (82) 2852887 or 09194128692

Follow them on FB & IG: @hanoidavao

Thanks to Ms. Cheekie, Mr. Christian and Raymond de la Paz for the most hospitable visit in Hanoi!

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