Sunday, September 4, 2016

Change the Way You See Friendship

Friendship cuts through many things in our life. Its surprising as friendship is a very old concept but it changes as we grow older. The usual "companion" changes and bonds between people become different over time. Friendship is no longer just your neighbor nor your classmate in school or a family friend. Friendship comes from the strangest places, time and it remains and grows in the most amusing way.

I learned photography from a group of random Davaoenos who wanted to test their theory on a photowalk. There is no memory of my earlier days in photography that do not include them. Now that I look back, I was an outsider when I first met them but I was treated with genuine warmth. All that I know about photography, started that day and I owe a chapter of my life to a bunch of strangers who eventually became my brothers and sisters.

Friendship is a stranger that shares a portion of their life

You may find yourself surprised with a feeling that you create a connection from a taxi driver, from the vendor you met or just an employee in a company that you visited once. Friendship is sharing a portion of our life. 

Friendship cuts across profession, age and gender

My closest circle of friends included mothers, gay, a nurse, a soon-to-be lawyer, journalist, a chef, a photographer, a hotelier and a banker. We are not of the same age, nor did I meet them in my class. Isnt it a wonderful feeling that being friends with some doesn't mean that you are required by circumstances like your classroom to be acquainted? You met on a random situation but made a genuine connection and shares little similarities and choose to just laugh at their shortcomings and flaws.

Professional work limits our time to spend with people we like and even our families. A magical feeling about having friends is that you do not have to see them everyday or talk to them do often to remain in the relationship. 

Friendship cuts through time, space and dimension.

Remember that time when you last talked with friends about your funny experience together and laugh at it the next time you talk about it again? It feels like it was just yesterday that you laughed your hearts out about it but it was ages since you last see each other. Friendship freezes our memories, just like photographs preserve iamges through the lens.

You may want to put everything into a photo just like how Huawei's P9 dual lens produces high quality images and allow users to take amazing monochrome, slo-mo, colored, light painting photos among others. Friendship has the same amount  of magic.

If you change the way you see friendship, it will allow you to see a perspective that looks into the world with kindness and acceptance. True, we do not keep all our friends and some come and go (and it surely is painful to burn bridges) but its more magical that we look at friendship as treasures in our life that allows the fire within us to continue to burn.

So to more photographs, more laughing moments, endless chats over the net and endless memories together, I am with gratitude dedicating this blogpost to the friends who have been and had been part of my life. Cheers!

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