Thursday, August 4, 2016

Hole-in-the-wall: Shatter Persian Kebab

Ahoy! Its been a while since I last posted here. Pardon me, but it was afterall my birthday month last month so I do have a fair excuse, don't I?

My latest story on a plate features a hole-in-the-wall along F. Torres Street, Shatter Persian Kabab.

Palate: Something to explore
If you love Mediterranean food, you will find this place interesting. During my visit with my friends, we were able to sample Spicy Beef Kebab and the Shatter Kebab Platter. Both items were very satisfying! 

I must mention that the garlic-yogurt sauce puts a signature flavor to the food. While the pita bread gets brittle when its cold, the kebab experience was generally awesome. Its a type of food that puts your stress away. 

Place: Did I mention Hole-in-the-wall?
Yes, but despite this, the area can seat around 20 people including the alfresco area. The seats are comfortable. Area is generally clean but do not expect an excellent ventilation. Its part of the charm of dining in a Mediterranean resto, I guess. 

Price: Less than a hundred can save you
Prices range from Php75 to P245.  Its generally affordable but variation of menu can give you a fulfilling meal for an additional amount but generally very minimal. Their friendly staff can give you your vale for money, plus they are open until midnight. This should be a life-saver fro night owls like me.

Why not try and let me know if you agree :) 

Shatter Persian Kebab
F. Torres Street (near Davao Wisdom School)

Open Monday- Saturday
11:00 AM to 12:00 MN
Facebook : @shatterpersiankebab
IG: @shatterpersiankebab_official

Accepts cash only
No-wifi available

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