Monday, August 22, 2016

Breakfast at Kairo’s Kitchen

If you ask me, my favorite meal of the day is the breakfast but my sleeping pattern makes me miss breakfast serving in most restos. My only chance at a hearty breakfast is when I go home where my mom would cook all my favorite breakfast dishes or if a restaurant would serve an all-day breakfast menu. Davao City has few of these and I found one right across where I live, Kairo’s Kitchen.

The breakfast menu consist of nine choices—from your favorite sikwate, a Filipino hot chocolate made from tablea/ raw chocolate bar, to a Turkish choice, German breakfast and even Thai. I tried a safer choice for my breakfast today (because I did not want to ruin my almost perfect day), the Bulad Galore.

Bulad is a Filipino delicacy made from salt-drying a fish or seafood like squid. It usually results to a smelly dish usually paired with something sour like tomato or vinegar.

Kairo’s Bulad Galore consisted of crunchy danggit, pandawan and bolinao served with sunny side up, tomato, cucumber and garlic rice. The set also includes a slice of ripe mango and a choice of coffee, tea or juice. Price is Php145.00.


Overall assessment is very satisfying for a very affordable price. The dish was served warm, the bulad are crispy but not burned although an improvement needs to be done with the sunny side up which was not perfectly cooked. The pinakurat, a spicy native vinegar was a little sweet which complimented the salty fish. The amount of serving exceeds the proportion of the rice—it was more than tummy-filling! Serving with tomato, cucumber and a slice of fruit balances your diet for breakfast—a perfect way to start your day. I would say that I recommend their Bulad Galore and would definitely try their other breakfast meals.

Kairo’s Kitchen
Loyola Street, Bo. Obrero, Davao City
Facebook: @KairosKitchen

Operating time:
Mondays to Saturdays
7:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Accepts cash and major credit card
Wifi connection available (but its was not working on my visit)

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