Monday, July 4, 2016

Majids Kabab has Moved!

Our favorite Persian hole-in-the-wall in central Davao has moved to a newer and better place in Rizal Street. Don't worry, it is still at the center of the city and has changed address only a few steps away from its original place.

Majid's Kabab has become a household name for Davaoenos and it has captured many Davaoenos and tourists for the past years. It has even reached a commendation from Tripadvisor. I also vividly remember enjoying a piece of Kabab in a pita bread served with grilled tomato and yogurt sauce in my college years not just because its practically what I can only afford but I find eating grilled lean meat in pita bread healthier.

Earlier today, my friend Aymi and I decided to visit Majid's for dinner. To our surprise, the old Majid's Kabab beside the bank was demolished! Good thing we decided to leave the jeepney and there, almost just across his old location, is the newer, brighter and better Majid's Kabab.

So lets not prolong this agony, pictures!

Persian Salad: Php40 per serving.
Minced cucumber, lettuce, tomato with lemon, salt and pepper
Beef Cholo: Php90.00
Two-piece skewered beef, served with grilled tomato, rice and special yogurt sauce

Beef Kabab (of course!): Php45.00
Beef Kabab served in a pita bread, grilled tomato and homemade yogurt sauce

Almost just like before. Just a few postal number away from the old address

Majid's Kabab
Cuisine/ Type: Persian Hole-in-the-wall
183 Rizal Street, Davao City (beside Las Casitas hotel)
Opens Monday to Saturday
11:30 AM to 10:00 PM

Facebook: @MajidsPersianKabab 

Wifi not available
Accepts only cash and walk-ins (first come first serve)

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