Sunday, May 29, 2016

Summer Capping at Starbucks

Summer is almost over and Philippines will once again start with the wet season--rain and a lot of bed weather. Before the summer finally leaves, I was able to drop by Strabucks to try their Berry Panna Cotta earlier today.

Paired it with a Chicken Pesto in Flat Bread, my summer afternoon was perfect.

If you love a sweet, berry-fruit-taste, this drink is a must-try for your playful palate. The panna cotta pudding balances out the berry taste with a milky flavor. While I can go on without the cream on top, nothing is ever less delicious with a little bit of cream on it, wouldnt you agree?

So before the season comes to a close, visit your favorite Starbucks outlet and make your summer a little more colorful this year.

Thanks Starbucks for this treat!

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