Sunday, May 15, 2016

Its also Tough Being a FoodTographer

Everybody loves taking photographs of their food. In fact, it has become a routine to many millennials that it reached a point of criticism. But despite its popularity, creating a good food photograph is actually tough. So here are the some of my #HardtoGets moment while doing Food Photography:

1. Getting the right inspiration is #HardtoGets

There are thousands of #photoinspiration out there, but getting the right one is tough! Yes, photographers and hobbyist like me get that same blank space as writers—the photographers block. Inspiration is always the first step to every work of art and getting the right one is not something you can control.

What I usually do is browse through Instagram, go over my favorite design school blog, Canva, or watch movies! You can find inspiration everywhere, even from people you meet. So when you ran out of magic, go out and find one!

2. Right angle of your photo is #HardtoGets

Once you get the right inspiration, things usually roll to its rightful place. Taking the photo of your food should be an easy next step. But what if happens when your food disappears? I’m sure that every food blogger can relate to this story when I say that hunger is your best enemy in taking photo. When hunger strikes, you forget taking photos. If not, your friend forgets, and there goes the cherry-topping of your cake.

Its not the end of your foodtography though. Creative minds make masterpieces even from a disastrous scene. Photobombing hands make good props for your flat lay. A bite makes your food more tasty. Crumbs make your pastry realistic and more countless possibilities.

3. Ambient light is best but getting the right light in the evening is #HardtoGets

Did you know that the best light is no other than the sun? I always get the best light beside a huge window or diffused light from an indirect source of sunlight. It gets extra challenging in the evening where you have to make do with whatever light source is available.

Best approach to this difficulty is to bring your own supplementary light—a flash light or and LED light that you may soften with a piece of paper or tissue. Using a flash, strobe or speedlights are also helpful but it entails your to set them up and this may sometimes cause disturbance to other people.

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