Saturday, April 9, 2016

Where we live: Home is Where Chez Nous is

If you happen to get lost at the Roxas Night Market, you might want to drop by and include Chez Nous in your food itinerary. Here are some photos of their luscious food.

"Home away from Home"

If you are familiar with Chippens in Davao, Chez Nous should not be difficult to locate. The old Chippens cafe has now transformed to a semi-modern but still homey cafe that serves your favorite local and international dishes. Chez Nous actually translates to 'where we live' which is very appropriate to the feel that the cafe gives when you enter. Although the place needs a little facelift, it still gives you that comfortable and relaxing feeling, just like when you are at home.

"All over the world in one sitting"

If you want to try Malaysian laksa, New York-style fries and steak, or French Nicoise, Chez Nous has them. The menu was personally developed by Chef Chino San Jose from his travel around the different parts of the world :) . He shared that dishes were prepared to fit the palette of the Davao diners so, need not to fret and go places with the colorful taste at Chez Nous.

Dont forget to try Pink Panther for your drinks and the Triple Layer Chocoalte Mousse with Muscat Strawberries for dessert, my personal favorites during our visit.

"Affordable and good value for money"

I dont want to start to share how affordable the menu at Chez Nous is. Their Marbled Ribeye Steak (which I may say has a huge portioning) is only available at Php350 while other dishes range from 100-200 depending on the type of dish.

Chez Nous is located at Padre Gomez Street, near Roxas Avenue, Davao City.
Open Monday to Saturday
9:00 AM to 9:00 PM

Contact them through their Facebook page or by clicking this link.

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