Sunday, March 27, 2016

Dreaming and Lake Sebu

I finally ticked off one item in my bucket list which is rather long overdue. 

Growing up in Cotabato City, Lake Sebu should be just a stone's throw for someone like me. Ironically, it took me almost three decades to finally visit the wonderful land of the Tboli in South Cotabato. The land which was able to preserve some of its heritage has not only attracted local but also international tourists. It has created several tourist destination that will make your 4 to 5-hour trip from Davao worth-while.

Lake Sebu is located in Allah Valley in South Cotabato. A 4-hour bus ride (from Davao to Surallah) and a short habal-habal trip (from Surallah to Lake Sebu) will bring you to a paradise that will surely capture your heart. I was lucky to be accompanied by friends from Soccsksargen Bloggers (Sox Bloggers), Fra (@takawtravels) and Kyrie (@kyriekoutre) who allowed me to chase (but eventually failed) the sunrise and experience a Tilapia-weekend!

Our homestay brought us to the School of Living Traditions (thanks, Edgar Zeta-Yap) where we got to immerse with the day-to-day living of the local Tboli in Lake Sebu. Thanks to Maria Todi and her family who welcomed us with open arms and made us feel comfortable. She was able to prepare the most delicious dinner we had which to be honest was more delicious than the restaurant where we dine the day after. 

I have missed a beautiful sunrise but wasn't disappointed at all. The placid Lake Seloton is as beautiful as I imagined it to be. The colorful culture of the locals was something not to miss, a must to all families and tourist to appreciate. Waking up to the music of the young Tboli's playing bamboo percussion, witnessing brass-making and the weaving of the Tnalak, enjoying the countless way to prepare Tilapia and feeling the dew from the waterfalls--would you say that my beloved Mindanao has lost its glory?

Photos taken with Fujifilm X10, 27mm 

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