Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Celebrate the Araw ng Dabaw at Cafe Marco's Seafood Dinner Buffet

In a few days, Davao City will be celebrating its 79th Charter Anniversary. In celebration of the Araw ng Dabaw, Marco Polo Davao is featuring the rich seafood of Mindanao in a special dinner buffet every Friday and Saturday for the entire month of March.

At CafĂ© Marco, a special seafood dinner buffet will be available every Friday and Saturday. Guests can enjoy a variety of seafood items such as Yellow-fin tuna, crabs, shrimps, oysters, mussels and different fishes prepared to their preference. Items can be grilled, deep-fried, steamed, baked or even prepared as soup. A variety of sauces, seaweed or (lukot) salad are also available to further compliment the seafood dish. 

I had the chance to take a glimpse of their opening night last Friday, and boy, the seafood is just overflowing. The usual Japanese and Salad station was replaced with kilos of fresh and steamed seafood that will surely make your mouth water. The pasta station was replaced with baked oysters and mussels that Davao city former Mayor Inday Sara Duterte, who was present during the first night, enjoyed to her heart's content (she had plates of them!).

So, why not make you hungry with photos?

Reservations for the Seafood Dinner Buffet can be coursed through March Polo Davao's facebook page or by phoning them at (82) 221 0888.

Photos taken with Fuji XT10 27mm

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