Sunday, October 4, 2015

Trying the Best Coffee at Blooming Days

Have you tried a no heat brewed coffee? No, not a cold or iced coffee but a coffee prepared without heating. This slow process of preparing coffee is popularly known as drip coffee. This coffee takes about 12 to 22 hours to prepare, waiting for it to slowly drip in the Dutch coffee-maker. Blooming Days at JJ Commune offers this meticulously prepared beverage for you to enjoy. 




“A secret garden in the city”
Blooming Days is like a showroom in Ikea that you would want to lounge after working hours. Comfy chairs, well-lit, relaxing ambiance decorated with charming flowers and smells divine. The rotisserie provides a signature smell distinct from other coffee shops in the city. If you are lucky, you get to meet their charming owner who entertains guests and would answer your questions about the cafe. She willingly explained to us her passion about baking and coffee and it was very pleasing to talk to her, too!

“Best coffee in town”
I always say that great things take time and Blooming Day’s coffee is another example of this. Aside from time, brewing the coffee without the heat affects the acidity of the drink which I prefer. It’s enjoying a fine, aromatic coffee without the sourness that I usually get in ordinary coffee. You can order it strong, moderate or light. It is served iced. 

One aspect where this wonderful cafe can improve is their food pairing. The scone we had was a little too crunchy and the others tasted like ordinary biscuits. Nevertheless, the coffee is still the best that I had so far.

“You had this coming”
Yes, its pricey but you can’t buy time. Twenty two hours of coffee preparation is no joke. The price for me though is worth it. One glass is a purely rewarding coffee. The food must really improve so that the pairings for this great coffee will compliment well.

Cafe Blooming Days
JJ's Commune, Loyola Street, Davao City
0937 553 3035

Accepts cash only
Facebook: Cafe Blooming Days

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