Sunday, October 11, 2015

Get Cheesy at Carmela's

Discovering that your comfort dessert is actually being prepared by an artist you only hear in the radio or see in the television (we didn't have internet back then) is a rewarding surprise. I have been a big fan of Wency Cornejo's leche flan for years and imagine my excitement when my friends told me that he would finally open a store of his own in Davao.

Named after his mother Ms. Carmela "Mel" Tianco-Cornejo, Carmela's has joined the number of favorite food destinations at JJ Commune in Loyola Street.

Cheese Roll and the Classic Quezo de Bola Enzayms 

Jacknjill Plate
Chicken Putanesca
The Enzayms
Choco Roll


Carmela's strong marketing factor is the 'star factor' appeal and I may have been guilty about this but to my defense, knowing that he can cook made me want to go more because I have high expectations for someone with a rich background about food--his leche flan was also a comfort of mine so go figure! Its always a lucky day when you get Wency Cornejo in the counter greeting you, wont you agree?

The place is very intimate and could probably fit in about 15 guests at a time--very ideal for a starting business. Well-lit and decorated with a a rustic industrial theme, the simplicity of the place fits what we describe as modern charming. 

Its a very inviting place but customer-service NEEDS A LOT OF IMPROVEMENT. I'll save the details but I think they have to improve on making their guest feel welcomed and accommodated especially when they commit mistake in taking orders. Lets put it this way, your mistake, make amends and do not whine.


My first love for Wency's food was his leche flan but I have a change of heart. I love the cheese rolls! Nothing fancy but its a soft fluffy roll of cheese. The enzayms on the other hand is similar to the cheese rolls but it comes in varied flavors--there's cookies and cream, red velvet, mocha and cheese, of course. You can buy then in boxes for pasalubong or enjoy them as pairing to your coffee or tsokolate (hot choco). They serve the enzayms warm.

Other food choices are now available. We tried Jacknjill Plate and Chicken Putanesca. They also have other "comfort food" that will take you to a throwback of Wency's younger years! 

"Affordable enzayms to go"

Its a great place to buy ensaymadas or enjoy an afternoon merienda with coffee or hot chocolate--a very traditional snack for Filipinos. Its affordable and reasonable-priced.

Overall rating: Get the cheese rolls, try it warm. Wait for the menu to be completed. From what I learned, they are still improving some dishes and will add more items in the future.

JJ's Commune, Loyola Street, Davao City
(82) 221 0023

Wifi connection not available
Facebook: Carmela's

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