Sunday, September 13, 2015

Welcome to Davao, Pepperplate Restaurant!

This food warrior noticed a new place in Palma Gil on her way home and immediately grabbed the chance to try their specialty dish to share the idea with her friends. Sadly, their specialty is a food restriction but this did not stop our Weekly Finds adventure.

Pepperplate is an addition to your restaurants-to-go list. While it may appear like an ordinary restaurant, Pepperplate is surely something that will intrigue you and will make you smile after dining.

What I had:
Cajun Beef Strips Salad
Classic Cheese Burger

The Verdict:
"Relaxing but difficult to find"

Here comes a great place to dine with your friends and even family. Pepperplate is cozy, where the interiors are decorated with an industrial design in mind. Chairs are comfortable while the tables are able to fit a group or a date of two. Comfort room, washing area and a counter decorated with available beers fit spaciously inside. 

Pepperplate has one difficulty though--location. While its located in the middle of the city, its neighboring establishment do not follow their bar-type feel and their signage may look a little confusing. Gladly, I was able to notice them as I am familiar of the area. Other than this slight detail, Pepperplate will make you want to read a book or enjoy a bottle of beer on a Friday evening or take your friends to an wholesome dinner. 

(Edit: Pepperplate is putting a newer signage outside their restaurant, now easier to find)


I was a little curious 'why Pepperplate?' but without explanation, their food spoke for them--meat seasoned with complimenting spice and rubbed with a little heat.  

Sadly, I wasnt able to try their house special-Baby Back Ribs but I'm quite sure that it will please meat-lovers out there. My Cajun Beef was tender with a mustard-like dressing topped with chopped caramelized onion. The salad was very appealing to eat. The cheese burger, on the other hand, also made me feel very full and contented--beef is juicy and cooked perfectly with cheese melting and coating the meat with a creamy taste.

Pepperplate can improve with their customer service beginning with their wait staff to learn the ingredients and how their food taste like. This will also help them sell their dishes and make their customers feel more homey. Overall, food is wonderful!

"Worth it twice a month"

Does Pepperplate present a good value for money?
Is this worth visiting on a daily basis or is this something I can only afford on special occasion?

My answer to theses questions is--worth it! Its not cheap but its somewhere I'd go if I want decent, delicious and meaty dishes. This is probably somewhere I'd go on a stressful day or during  paydays to reward myself. 

Pepperplate Restaurant
Palma Gil Street (fronting UCPB) Davao City
0932 432 1115 (taken from Facebook account)
Operating hours:
Mondays to Saturdays: 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM and 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Accepts cash only
Wifi connection available
IG: @pepperplatedavao

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