Monday, April 6, 2015

Exploring the Latin American Flavors at Qibus

If you always visit Abreeza Mall or at least go to the mall after church in Bajada area, you may have spotted a colorful, eye-catching place near the entrance where it is decorated with bright red, green and yellow furnishing.

Qibus, still on their soft-opening, delivers to the Davaoenos a Latin American cuisine experience that will surely satisfy your curious appetite especially if you are a self-proclaimed foodie like me. On a fine Sunday, my friends and I decided to courageously try their dishes and here is our little adventure at Qibus.


Platos Combinados (Set Meals):


Ropa Vieja

Pedidos Especiales (House Specialties):

Latin Paella

Food adventures shared with great company


"New Flavor in Town"

I am not very well-exposed to Latin American food but allow me to share to you my verdict from a perspective of a curious customer and a trying-hard-foodie.

The food is generally tasty and flavorful. From what I know, South American cuisine is rich with spices like chili, herbs and even tomatoes which are very present in the meals we ordered. The portions are a little small, like the maya-maya which appeared to have been swallowed by the rice, but the flavored rice compensate the lack of the meat. The sidings were also complementary to the main dish while the tortillas in the Latin Paella serves as a good addition to the texture of the food. I enjoyed wrapping some of the rice inside the tortillas and that was a plus flavor!

"Friendly for after-church meal"

Qibus would range from P70 to P220 depending on the food you choose. I rate them as 'friendly' because other restaurants would not offer the same menu and there are some dishes that require a longer-prep time (and time in food service is also money). Their set meal would usually include a complete rice-main dish-siding combination which give it a value for money. You may also consider sharing your plate to your group so that you can enjoy a variety of dishes.


You will surely notice Qibus' very attractive interiors at their set-up which is also very strategic to invite guests. This prime advantage will make you want to jump to the next airplane and travel to South America or at least look for that distinct taste to other similar restaurants.

However, Qibus may have a disadvantage when it comes to the size of their place. There was also no available CR inside (you can go to the near CR though for your persona necessities) and the dining tables near the hallway may be 'too exposed' to people passing by. Qibus can also improve with their staff's knowledge of the menu and some basic customer service routine. Im quite optimistic that they will on their A-game for their grand opening.

Location: Abreeza Mall, Davao City
Operating Hours: 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Cash only

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