Friday, January 16, 2015

New in Town: Gangnam in Davao Cafe and Restaurant

Adding to your list of everything Korean is a new cafe in town that will surely be the newest "HOHOL" place to many young souls.

Honey Butter Berrybread with Ice Cream

See that detail near the ceiling? Portrait in BW! And indoor plants!

Complimentary Kimchi and salad!
Pork Cutlet
Bulgogi with Rice
Enjoyed a heavy midnight dinner with my fellow blackbelt, Joyce.


What we had was supposedly a 'light midnight snack' but the foodie won thus the rice meal and the gigantic dessert at two in the morning.


"Mostly Cafe not Traditional"

With Korean restaurant sprouting like mushrooms around the city, I was initially expecting for another Korean Bulgogi or a Korean Buffet place but Gangnam in Davao was more laid-back. The menu consisted of a mixture of different dishes with Korean meals in their specials. You will see different choices like salads, Bulgogi, stir-fried with rice, soups, pasta and desserts. They also serve breakfast being open for 24 hours.

It was pleasing that a vegetable salad and Kimchi were served as complimentary appetizer, something that you usually find in an authentic Korean restaurant. The salad however was served with a Russian dressing on top. My Bulgogi with Rice was sort of a Japchae (Korean glass noodles) Bulgogi with Rice that I find tasty nonetheless. However, I would have enjoyed it better without the rice and a fewer garlic perhaps on the beef. 

My happy-pill inside Gangnam in Davao is the dessert where we ordered what we thought would be small a slice of bread and a scoop of ice cream but turned out to be a dessert madness! The bread was warm, filled with cheese, butter, honey, vanilla ice cream topped with whipped cream, blueberries and strawberries--isn't that just the best way to end our midnight gustatory craze?

"Best Shared with Friends"

Price range between Php180 to Php290 for regular meals, Php125 to 280 for desserts and their specials ranging from Php950 to Php1050. Quite pricey but most meals and dishes would fill-in two to three persons. Their house must-try, Snow Ice (special halo-halo), is recommended to be shared by at least two. I kid you not, it needs to be shared unless you have an appetite of a dinosaur.

"Japanese Industrial Chic"

Okay, so I made up the style to describe Gangnam's interior but intentional repainting of ceiling, key elements of wood and metal combined with vintage-looking furniture with a subtle splash of  color in several corners? Doesn't that spell industrial with a kick of Japanese chic or whatever (lol). The place looks very relaxing but not boring, ideal for get-together with friend and 'Hohol' for cafe-addicts. It has computers open for public use and wifi connection. 

Overall, a 24-hour cafe with decent food and a cozy ambiance (plus points to their very accommodating and warm crew), Gangnam in Davao Cafe and Restaurant will be an interesting place to many young professionals. Kamsahamnida! 

Location: Along McArthur Highway (fronting S&R), Matina, Davao City
Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, 24 hours
Cash only

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  1. great blog! loved it.. can i ask though.., are there outlets here where one can stay a bit longer and work on a personal laptop? are there extra charges? the place is really cool and convenient for working.. also,, keep posting! loved your blog and keep it up! :)

    1. Hi Jaiza,
      Sorry it took me a while to reply and thank you for reading my blog. I still have to update some posts, too.
      As for your question, yes. There are many coffee shops that you can stay and work with your laptop. All branches of Green Coffee (although I do not recommend their food & beverage but their internet is fast) and Bo's Coffee will allow you to work until early morning since they are open 24/7. Most coffee shops in Davao do not charge extra for the laptops and internet. I hope this helps! :)


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