Saturday, January 10, 2015

Davao's Charming Spot: The White House Fusion Cuisine

Right at the heart of the city is a charming, romantic place that will take you to a journey through time and space. No, I do not say this as a cliche but rather as my opinion of my experience dining at The White House Fusion Cuisine and Wine Lounge.

But first, let me make you hungry!




"A fusion of the best plates"

The name of the place surely suggests that the kitchen will be serving fusion dishes particularly French and Japanese. You will also notice a touch of Filipino home-made delicacies or "kakanin" in the menu. 

Probably the only one in Davao, White House has made a selection that will take you to different places without leaving your seat. Each dish is delicately prepared and intricately plated using only the finest and world-class ingredients that are mostly imported only to bring to the customers the gustatory experience closest to its origin. It preserves the true taste of the ingredients and you will realize this as you enjoy each plate--that each dish has its unique taste, texture and temperature inside your mouth.

If dining is a music, White House is an orchestra; if eating is an art, White House will be a museum. 

"Definitely not cheap"

I always believe that you always get what you pay for and if you are lucky enough, you get more than the value of your money. The White House Fusion Cuisine is not your fastfood counter or your snack bar so be prepared to spend a little more than your usual mid-range restaurant. In my honest opinion, the price of being able to eat with culture is never expensive especially when you get to taste some dishes that only the finest kitchen dare to prepare. 

It is very ideal to bring your loved ones on a special occasion in White House. Order a 3 or 4-course meal and pair it with a wine that is available at the bar.

"Time-travel while dining in the middle of the city "

The house where the restaurant is nested is a renovated 1920's house originally built by Robert Ker surrounded with trees and a verdant green landscape you usually see only on magazines. In fact, the White House itself looks like a house frozen over time but you will not imagine that it is right beside one of the busiest streets in Davao. While its exteriors look European in structure, its interior design is very minimalist--another well-thought fusion of art!

Here are some photos of the breath-taking, picturesque interiors and exteriors in the evening....

A place I will definitely come back and will never get stop falling in love over and over again. Thanks for the warm accommodation to us bloggers, The White House staff especially to Ms. Cathy Binag and Sir TBF!  

Location: Camella Northpoint, JP Laurel Avenue, Davao City
Operating Hours: 11:00 am to 2:00 pm, 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm (Monday to Sunday)
Contact Information:  (082) 282 4540 or 0915 448 3601
Instagram: @the_white_house_fusion_cuisine

Accepts major credit cards

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  1. I had to scroll down fast coz your photos are making me hungry. (Even if I just finished eating dinner.) Appetizers pa lang, ok na. Let's eat at The White House soon? :D


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