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Outback Grill: A Family Place at the Heart of the City

Last July 31, some of the Davao Bloggers foodies were invited to Outback Grill's Bloggers Night out. We get to enjoy and experience Outback's specialty items while at the same time, chat with the management to get to know more about the place and its wonderful offering to all Davaoenos

Now to make you hungry...

Zoofari Bounty
Served like a Royalty. Get to witness Outback Grill's service crew making you fee like a queen or a king!
Chicken Tower--the only tower you want to eat!

Desserts in Buko--try Mais Con Hielo, Buko Halo-Halo or  Buko Pandan Sago


Chicken Tower
Zoofari Bounty
Chuck Wagon
Goliath Burger

Buko Pandan Sago
Mais con Hielo
Buko Halo-Halo


"Sunday's Special"

Do you remember that set of meal that is served on Sundays when the entire family is around? Or that set of dish you get to only enjoy when you have visitors coming over for a Sunday lunch or dinner? At Outback Grill, you will get to eat this food any time at any occasion or for no special reason at all. The menu has the entire family's favorite dishes. You can even bring your visitors and enjoy a variety of seafood dishes and local snacks from the menu.

My favorite for the set is the Chicken Tower--four pieces of large chicken portion (either rib or leg part) cooked in a special Outback Grill sauce with meat just right, not too dry and not too tender. You can even request for additional sauce if you want more of that sweet-salty combination if the sauce that adds more flavor to your grilled chicken.

"The More, the Cheaper"

Outback's menu has alot of choices that you can try. You can buy a meal set, or choose a dish (usually good for 3-4 persons) and share it with family or friends. The key to getting a good deal is visiting Outback by groups so you get to enjoy many dishes for a price of few.

If you are up for food eating challenge, you may want to try Outback's Goliath Burger Challenge and even get to win a price. They also have several promo rates for their dinners. Simply visit their Facebook Page to get an updated list of their ongoing promo that will give you your best value for your money.

"What Jungle are We In?"

Outback's interior design reminds me of a safari adventure from the pictures I see taken during the 1950's-1960's. From afar, you will see a fighter plane that crashed into the restaurant's ceiling. You will also witness fire dancers, as well as enjoy an acoustic evening from different local bands.

If you want to give your little kids a place where they can play around, you may also visit Zoofari, adjacent to Outback while you still enjoy the same food and quality of service.

Location: Bacaca Road, fronting Ladislawa Village Gate, Davao City
Operating Hours: Mondays to Sunday
10:00 AM to midnight

Contact info: 
Telephone: (082) 226-2909
Instagram: @outbackgrill

Thanks Outback Grill for the warm welcome and keep up good customer service!

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