Saturday, July 12, 2014

Recalling the DFAT 2013

You may have noticed but most of my upcoming posts are going to be about the Davao Food Appreciation Tour 2014. Luckily, I was selected again this year to participate and meet with new bloggers and spent some quality time enjoying food, company and discovering the best of Davao City food.

Last year was a little different only because we went all the way to Sta. Maria in Davao Oriental to visit the Little Boracay and Fiesta Sorpresa in Digos City.

Taking photos last year as a little difficult--I only had a camera phone but luckily, an iPhone made it way easier. This year however, you will notice a leap of improvement (yey for me) for the photo which finally motivated me to create this food blog.

Here are some unreleased, unpublished photos from last year's adventures!

First stop: Mam Bebs Bakery: The home of the Davao Bloggers Society. Seemed like Atty. Swexy had her smiled prepared for paparazzi while Chamee's bag is showing a Canon camera (ready for battle, eh?)

Second Stop: Tsuru. Of course, its NOT a bloggers even without taking photos of practically ANYTHING inside the store.

Third stop: Greenwich Pizza. Bloggers event sponsored by Greenwich is extra special for me. Its one of my first event with Davao Bloggers before and it was the turning point that changed my life. Our first day ended with warm smiles after being served by Greenwich staff like them.

DAY TWO: Our day two took us South of Davao to visit Fiesta Sorpresa in Digos City and Little Boracay in Sta. Maria. On our way, we pitstop at Mers to get to taste some Filipino delicacies and was hoping to get newly-baked bibingka--Mer's specialty. (Didn't you notice Mommy Floraine and Mommie Anna's beach-ready outfits?)

Day 2 Second Stop: Little Boracay.
At the end of a stretch of black sand beachline is this beautiful discovery of white pristine seashore surrounded by calm waters and rich with seasfood!!! And this photo? Let's just say..... :)

L to R: Glen Santillan, Arjay Lagere, Kuya Ace Nierva and Momie Cris Nierva, Chamee Pecson (where was I seated then?), Anj Nacorda, Renz Bulseco and Mark Cabrera. ( I hope I did not misspelled anybody)

L to R: Kuya Andrew dela Serna, Momie Verna Luga, Kuya Michael Balgos and Ate Floraine Balgos, Momie Anna Alfalfara, Momie Lovely Boiser, Momie Vanessa Mabini with my little brother Von, and Madie (where we first met him!). Did I get the names right?

L to R: Natalie Lim, Angel Deiparine, July Alontaga (Ms. Tolentino back then), Quima renegado, Pauline Suaybaguio and Algene Cutamora). Where was I seated???

Day 2 Last Pitstop: Lachis Sansrival atbp. DFAT's oldest partner establishment. You haven't been to Davao if you haven't visited Lachi's and you can never claim to be a Davao Blogger when you haven't been here as well!

Are you one of us? Glen arrived wearing the same colored shirt as the service crew!

Day 3 Pitstop 1: Chef LU is a Chinese restaurant that offers the best taste of Hong Kong. Unfortunately, their branch in Claveria Street closed before DFAT 2014.

Day 3 Pitstop 2: Lotus Court at the Marco Polo Davao.
Feeling all the pampering of fine dining in a 5 star hotel. We enjoyed a hearty lunch and good laugh with friends.

I missed Partoza Farms and Aling Foping's last year but the DFAT 2013 brought me a new level of dining experience. Learning to appreciate good food only happens when you ACTUALLY visit and eat the food and not by just placing them in your bucket list or your long list of To Do's.

Take time to go and reward yourself and visit a good place to eat.

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