Sunday, September 30, 2018

You'd End as a Suki at Sukidesu

(noun, Japanese) - derived from verb form meaning "to love" or "to like".
(noun, Filipino) - regular customer

Japanese Cuisine has been gaining popularity to many Davaoenos in the recent months. In just a span of 5 years, the number of Japanese resto and Japanese fusion resto in the city has perhaps doubled.

Adding to this increasing number of aspiring foodie hub is a small corner at Aurora Street where maki and several Japanese cuisine-inspired dishes are served—Sukidesu Modern Japanese Cuisine. My friend and I tried some of the items from their menu and here is what we had:

Ebi Tempura Php85.00
Chicken Teriyaki Php85.00
Maki sampler platter (16 pcs) Php220.00
Tempura Bento Php145.00


That tempura is to be tried and enjoyed!

I did not regret ordering the tempura. While some thriving Japanese resto would serve a malnourished version of shrimp (ebi) tempura, this stores version is very satisfying where there is an actual tempura meat and not just being masked by thick batter. Imagine a bento to go with that? Perfect dinner combo!

The teriyaki is average, just not easy to eat because of the portioning. Taste is nonetheless, chicken with teriyaki sauce.

The maki is not the best dish you can order though. While most people find maki and sushi as the “beginners’ meal” for Japanese cuisine, we all know that maki is the least Japanese in the menu. That being in mind, playing around maki and forcing some local ingredients—the cheese, tuna (which tasted like from the can) and other processed ingredients, made the maki the least of the food that I was excited about.


Street-side resto, open for night owls

Probably the biggest points for this resto is being open until midnight. For night owls like me, finding a place to dine after 10 in the evening would usually mean enduring fast food and instant meals. It’s a treasure to find a food nook until midnight!

Its located at the sidewalk in Aurora Street, near Jacinto (think Mamitas?). Several chairs and tables are situated near the street to accommodate more people. Even late night past 10 in the evening when we dine, there was still a short queue of people waiting.


Very affordable.

Remember the tempura that I am crazy about? Its below Php100 which I think deserves 2 plus points! Affordable, tasty. Isnt that the best combo?

The remaining of the menu was also very affordable with most items ranging from Php50 to Php150 only. The bento, I repeat, is only Php145 😊. You are welcome!

979 Aurora Quezon Street, Davao City
Monday to Saturday | 5:00 PM to 12:00 AM
+917 691 6809
FB: @Sukidesu.Japresto 

Sunday, September 9, 2018

A Lunch Date with Ms. Annie at Asian Cow

How often do you get invited for a special yet very casual lunch with your boss and your company's partner all to enjoy a hearty meal on a wonderful sunny day?

We are very happy to enjoy a sumptuous lunch with Ms. Annie Lim and recalled some of the earlier days of the hotel and some of her unforgettable projects at Marco Polo Davao. Of course, our chit chat happened over plates of Asian dishes prepared by Chef Patrick Co himself.

What stories we shared together with Ms. Annie are between us but what we ate is something I would like to share to you.

Whats on the table:
 Tuna Tartare (Chef's discretion, not in the menu)
Thai Beef Salad
Angus Beef and Basil Spring Roll
Salmon Ceviche in Cilantro and Lime Broth
Stir Fried Rice Noodles in Tamarind Glaze
Salted Egg Batter Fried Salmon with Garlic Aioli
Crispy Shallot and Scallop Fried Rice
Chicken Sambal 
What I call Diabetic Chocolate Ice Cream Cake

My recommended dishes so far:

Thai Beef Salad - very light but tasty; the greens are very fresh. The beef's flavor compliments well with the light vinaigrette dressing, perfect way to start a hearty lunch.

Salted Egg Batter Fried Salmon with Garlic Aioli - salted egg + salmon? Can you go wrong? Its an ultimate comfort food to eat a flavorful fried anything alll the more its coated with salted egg batter. The aioli was okay but not crazy over it. The salmon was enough flavor to indulge my taste.

Crispy Shallot and Scallop Fried Rice - I love this dish in coz I am big fan of one-dish meals. You will a good variety of rice (similar to Japanese rice) that you can enjoy with a good amount of scallops. Its a little oily though but when did that stop us from enjoying fried rice?

By the way, you can book their meeting area in side Asian Cow for your small gatherings or meetings. The space can accomodate 12 up to 15 people.

Cheers to our hotel alumnus, Chef Patrick Co, for taking time to cook especially for us and for going out your way to prep your version of Tuna Tartare and that special Chocolate Ice Cream cake. Your service team was excellent, too.

On top of the wonderful food is a great company with a woman who has became one of the respected lady in the event styling industry. Thank you for sharing a wonderful time with us, Ms. Annie. No dull moments, as always.

Asian Cow
1020 Mabini Place, cor Quirino and Mabini Sts., Davao City
(82) 327 8306
FB: @asiancow
IG: @asiancowph

Friday, August 31, 2018

Kopi Factory: Home of Singapore Coffee in Davao

So we are back to making resto reviews from around the city. This post is dedicated to give you an overview of a very simple Singapore coffee themed cafe at Circumferential Road cor Ruby Street.

Adding to the line of coffee shops and cafe in the Davao's food street in Marfori is Kopi Factory who claims to serve authentic Singaporean coffee (kopi) and tea (teh). I finally had the chance to visit while killing some hours with friends earlier.

I ordered their signature kopi with signaturr milk mixture, iced and milo toast.


  • Strong full-bodied kopi
  • Good alternative flavor to kaya toast
  • Egg siding -- not very excited but wasnt bad

Backgrounder: Singaporean coffee known as kopi is known to be a coffee with a kick and is usually served with sweet milk. Described as "toe-curling", kopi is a full-bodied type which is not for the faint hearted.

That being said, Kopi Factory lives up to its promise of Singapore's signature drink. While waiting for my order (which took a while), I was able to observe their preparation that followed the more traditional method of drip and steeping the coffee grounds. By experience, these method gives a fuller body to the drink which will require TIME.

Traditonal toast in Singapore would be served with kaya and sugar (and eggs on the side) but Kopi Factory offers an alternate of Milo (yes, the choco drink) with the same sidings. As mentioned, the soft boiled egg are served almost raw to my friends so I requested slight cooked coz I prefer egg whites not to be runny.

Overall, coffee was good, toast was also okay.

  • Kopi and Teh would range from Php110 to Php120 and comes in one size.
  • Iced teh (in strawberry and lemon flavor) is at Php160.
  • Blended kopi, fruit and cream are at Php160 to Php170.

  • Toasts (regardless of variety) served with 2 soft-boiled eggs Php110
  • Healthy meals range from Php190 to  Pho250.

Value for money? I would say not bad considering cheap range of prices of beverage and food. Generally clean area but quite poor service. It appears the shop is under-manned and staff aren't ready to serve or prepare food. Long wait in the counter. Cashier serves as their barista and cook at the same time.


Location is excellent for students and has strong reliable wifi. No wonder students especially some ruthless stingy aliens who would stay and not even order a drink or food. It also has a open area, not much clutter in the wall (only to uncleaned tables left by customers for a long time).

The cafe do not man their area well and they appear to be under-staffed. The location used to be a school with sooooo much space but the ratio of staff to their space is not enough.

Not a big fan of their chairs but exterior appearance looks soooo inviting.

Kopi Factory
Circumferential Road cor Ruby Street
Open 24/7 (Monday- Sunday)
T: 0925 524 7336
FB: @thekopifactory
Cash basis only
Toilet available
Excellent wifi connection

Sunday, July 1, 2018

A Bottle for Sustainable Farming with Cocio

Don’t we love something that taste like home? Aren’t we all fond of food or beverage that remind us of good old memories?

Here is another product that doesn’t just look like a throwback from our younger years but it definitely taste like it too! Our friends from Fly Ace Corporation has brought Cocio, a great tasting chocolate milk drink since 1951.

Cocio prides itself to have maintained its recipe ever since and has supported sustainable farming and better opportunities for farmers and their families and of course with our planet in mind. They are UTZ certified and come in three (3) simple ingredients—Fresh Milk, UTZ certified cocoa and sugar.

So try a bottle of happiness and purchase your favorite Cocio in any of your grocery shops today.

Thanks again, Fly Ace Corporation for partnering with Team DDI and DavaoFoodTographer!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

AirAsia Places Davao in Inflight Meal with Malagos Chocolate

As you may have seen in my social media accounts, Philippines AirAsia has introduced an addition to the Santan Combo in-flight meal—the Roasted Dalandan Chicken with Pimiento Sauce. It features Davao’s pride and an award-winning produce of Philippines, the Malagos Chocolate. The santan combo is created by Chef JP Anglo who aims to incorporate local Filipino flavour into your flight experience.


During the launch, members of the press were invited to sample the dish after the cooking demonstration of no other than the genius behind the dish, Chef JP himself.

My take? Tastefully Filipino!

Filipinos love sweet and smoky flavors! Infusing Malagos Chocolate to the pimiento sauce enhanced the citrus flavour from dalandan and balances the pimiento. Of course, would a Filipino celebration be complete without barbeque? It may not be one of the famous Filipino signature dish like adobo or lechon, it definitely represents the Filipino palate—its love for colourful flavors especially for sweet savory meals.


Would the summer meal be complete without several colourful additions? The Roasted Dalandan Chicken with Pimiento Sauce is introduced in the AirAsia summer inflight catalogue together with some local social enterprise which  highlights the genius of Filipinos.

Tsaa Laya
IG & FB: @tsaalaya
“Rediscovers the herbal traditions of Philippines into an exquisite tea experience” by highlighting tea leaves that are only endemic to the country and offering it to match mainstream tea flavors. Imagine banaba or lemon ginger or tanglad or pandan in your afternoon tea experience?

Anthill Fabric Gallery
IG:  @anthillfabric
“A social and cultural enterprise in the Philippines working to preserve local weaves through contemporary and zero waste design to sustain livelihood”. It produces wonderful fashion items and accessories from weaving scraps while helping local weaving community preserve its history and culture.

Olivia & Diego Jewelry
IG & FB: @oliviaanddiego
“Handmade upcycled jewelry made out of happiness in Davao, Philippines”

The new AirAsia Santan Combo meal is available to all Philippines AirAsia flight Z2. You can also discover Tsaa Laya, Anthill Fabric and Olivia & Diego in Philippines AirAsia summer inflight magazine.

Thanks AirAsia team for the love of Davao City and for featuring our wonderful city! 

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Davao Bambu Sanctuary and Ecological Park New Menu

I am no travel blogger and I wont be discussing much about the destination aside from some insights that you have to consider if you choose to visit this place.

Davao Bamboo Sanctuary and Ecological Park is a property made public by a curious accident. On a wonderful Fathers Day celebration, the owners and their friends invited acquaintances for a daddy’s day out treat in the family sanctuary in Calinan, Davao City. With the demands from the friends of friends, the sanctuary opened its door to people who seek respite and new adventure in the city.

The 9-hectare property was then developed further to accommodate overnight stay and small functions in the middle of a bamboo garden which was the family matriarch’s personal passion. You will notice a huge man-made dome built manually with bamboos and indigenous materials. The pool that flows in adjacent to the dome comes from a natural spring which is connected to a river. The entire park remains true to its purpose to provide a sanctuary and a temporary respite from the hustle and bustle of downtown Davao.

Part of its continuing and on-going developments in the park is providing a full-course menu to its guests and me and my friends from the Davao Digital Infuencers were lucky enough to sample some of their dishes which can be ordered in their resto and buffet. Dont forget to sample their signature dish which is the Chicken with Bamboo shoots. Here are some photos of the dishes that you’d see in their menu!

Thanks Davao Bamboo Sanctuary! 

Davao Bamboo Sanctuary and Ecological Park
Brgy. Malagos, Baguio District, Davao City
FB:  @DavaoBambooSanctuaryandEcologicalPark
P: (82) 2286116

PS. The park is a short ride from Gaisano Calinan and can be accessed by van or shuttle which can be arranged with the resort. No public transport is available from the resort and can be a little bumpy along the road which is being constructed. Bring a lot of adventure adrenaline since you wont run out of things to do especially for day tours. 

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